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As the London Eye turns

In honor of the Canadian dairy industry we went to see a
West London musical called “The Jersey Boys” on 

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Thursday and Friday in honor of

purebred beef breeders everywhere we ate dinner at a restaurant called The
Angus Steakhouse.

It featured Black Aberdeen Angus beef. I am sure someone in
Canada has shipped breeding stock to the UK at some point.  So that was my connection to
agriculture for the day.

With day four of our visit to London ahead of us, I have
this suspicion that we may not see everything that we could see before we head
out tomorrow on the next leg of this trip.

Friday we took a bus tour of some of the city high lights,
and a boat ride on the River Thames. The Queen was away, but Margaret Thatcher
was home.  We also took a tour of
the Tower of London, which is a very interesting stop especially to refresh
your memory of how cruel and conniving British kings and queens have been over
the centuries. And it was good to have a look at the Crown Jewels although it

makes you wonder with all this wealth sitting there why am I paying 18 pounds
to have a look at this stuff.

But it was all good.

That London Eye is quite an attraction although just looking
at it was sufficient for me. It is like a large ferriswheel-type structure with
32 pods on it that, when full, can carry about 960 people at a time. It takes
about 30 minutes to make a revolution. At the top you can see for 30 miles. And
every full load — every revolution — earns the owners about 10,000 pounds.
That’s almost as good as owning an oil well.

rapeseed oil.jpg

And I will suggest to the Canadian canola industry still has
a market 

nut to crack here. I saw restaurants in Chinatown with five-gallon pails of
rapeseed cooking oil sitting at the front door. These people have obviously not
discovered the health benefits of Canadian canola oil.

I am not sure what the day holds yet. I’m sure there has to
be a church or museum someplace here to look at. Actually Westminster Abbey and
St. Paul’s Cathedral are both on our agenda. We are becoming pretty good at
riding The Tube. The trains, buses and subway make for an amazing
transportation system here in London. It makes Calgary LRT look like a Dinky

I better run, I am sure it must be time to eat something,


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Lee Hart

Lee Hart is editor of Cattleman’s Corner based in Calgary.



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