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Another view on the new CWB

I had one reader who didn’t necessarily agree with my
thoughts on all the new vibes floating around over the new CWB (see February 17
blog).  Blair Backman of
Saskatchewan figures it will be a step backwards. Blair explains his point
quite well and a couple things he is quite correct on, I know nothing about
economics or the beef industry.

lee vaccinating cows Feb. 2012 .jpeg

(Photo caption – Your’s
truly vaccinating cows Feb. 18. About the only thing I know for sure about beef
cattle is which end that eats, and which end doesn’t.)

Also in his comments, Blair refers to Al Hingston who use to

be a livestock specialist in Saskatchewan and is now a consultant and writer
out there in the greater world somewhere. You can find Al’s blog at:

Here are Blair Backman’s comments:

Lee: I make a solemn
promise- if you will refrain from speaking about economics, a subject of which
you appear to know so little, I will refrain from commenting upon your articles on
livestock production, a subject of which I have only been connected with as a
mixed farmer for the past 50+ years.

The loss of the CWB
will be a monumental setback to the Canadian grain farmer who has operated on a
playing field severely tilted against him by the US farm program. There will be
no backfill from the US treasury for the loss of market power for the Canadian

The wheat farmer will
be just another pawn to large American grain companies, just as the Canadian
cow/calf producer has borne the burden of BSE and Country of Origin Pricing

I never knew that you
had a blog to spread propaganda until I came across my buddy Al Hingston’s blog
that includes a link to your site.  I guess my friend from Conservative
party politics failed to rescue you from the kool-aid.

With sorrow,

Blair Backman

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