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A Roundup Ready hot potato

you have any thoughts on the pros and cons of Roundup Ready alfalfa the
Canadian Forage and Grassland Association is looking for input. The actual
deadline for submitting comments for an upcoming report has just passed, but I
bet if you sent your thoughts in over the next day or two they would be

haven’t heard a lot about Roundup Ready alfalfa lately, although my general
impression in listening to producers over the years is they consider it the
devil’s handiwork and should never be allowed in Canada. Although a few have
voiced support.

newly formed Canadian Forage and Grassland Association is having a look at the

issue. Working with the Saskatchewan Forage Council they hired a long-time
animal health/animal nutrition consultant, Doug Yungblut to study the subject.
The CFGA says they are looking for an unbiased, fact-based assessment on the
potential impact of Roundup Ready alfalfa on Canada’s forage industry.

is studying the literature and collecting input from the forage industry. As I
mentioned, the deadline for input is here now, but even if it misses the report
it doesn’t hurt to fire off your views to the study leader at: [email protected]
or 416 659-7765 or SFC at  [email protected] or 306-867-8126.

final report for this project will be available on the CFGA, SFC and other

provincial forage council websites in April, 2012.

for this project has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through
the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP). In Saskatchewan this
program is delivered by the Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan.

Lee Hart is editor of Cattleman’s Corner based in
Calgary. Contact him at 403-592-1964 or by email at [email protected]



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Lee Hart

Lee Hart is editor of Cattleman’s Corner based in Calgary.



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