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‘Tis almost the season

As I write this Anthony Calvillo is
taking the knee to clinch victory in the 2010 Grey cup game. After
the interception and the Alouette’s subsequent first down with six
seconds remaining, I had to get up and grab the computer to take my
mind off the second Rider loss in the final playoff game in as many
years. Ouch! Oh well, congratulations to Montreal for a well-played

And now that the CFL’s November ritual

has been wrapped up for another year, it’s time to start thinking
about Christmas—and feeding cows in cold weather, if you’re a
cattle producer. But with the festive season approaching, you may
want to start dropping hints to your significant other about what to
put under the tree for you. And if you’re a machinery guy—or a
metal head as Lyndsey Smith, Grainews’ editor, calls me, at least I
think that’s what she’s referring to—then there is a new website
you’ll be interested in.

Case IH just kicked off a new online
store,, featuring the usual branded items that
make perfect stocking stuffers. Along with caps and shirts, there is
a selection of metal signs and the like that would be right at home
in any workshop. And there are scale replicas of some current and
classic tractors that would look good in any collection.

The site will ship to Canada,

additional international shipping charges are calculated at the time
an order is placed, giving you time to agree to them before
committing to the purchase. New Holland’s online store (find it at will
ship to Canada, too. It assess a U.S.$15.00 fee to all orders going
across the border.

If your favourite colour is the other
red, AGCO’s Massey Ferguson website also has an online store, And it
will also ship to Canada. In fact, the website looks like it’s
administered by the same company that handles New Holland’s store. So
just add the 15 bucks to your calculations and place your order.

But if you want John Deere-branded
presents under your tree, the local dealer is your only source for
it. Deere’s online store will not ship here. Period. Which is a bit

of a surprise, considering they are the merchandising kings. But if
your dealer is anything like the local outlet near me, you’ll have
plenty of merchandise to choose from right in town. There was
everything from a Country Girl Barbie with the leaping deer emblem on
her overalls to a dog bandana last time I was in there: and if you
buy locally, you won’t have to pay for shipping.

In fact, nearly all dealers will be
piling the stock high in their lobbies in preparation for the
Christmas shopping surge. Some even open temporary stores in local
malls, space permitting.

Of course if you’d rather have
something to read, you could buy my book The Tractor in the
, published through Voyageur Press. It’s available online,
too. (That was a shameless plug.)

So I’m sure you’ll be able to steer
your gift buyer in the right direction without too much looking
around. If my wife was able to find a branded collar from one of the
major manufacturers to wrap up and put under the tree for the dog
last year—yes, he seems to always end up with something to unwrap,
too—then the perfect gift for us metal heads is out there, and it’s
within easy reach for your favourite Santa.


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Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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