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Live from Agritechnica 2

Yesterday, I gave you a few stats on
just how many exhibits were on site here at Agritechnica in Hanover
Germany. But here’s a little trivia on the facility itself—or the
Hannover Messe, as it’s known locally.


Hanover is in the northern region of
Germany and the Messe (fair grounds) is located on the south side of
the city. Covering a total of 91 acres, the Messe has 24 halls
offering a total of 388,452 square metres of occupied, indoor exhibit
space for this show. And almost every exhibit is under a roof, making
this an all-weather event.

About half of the available floor space
is occupied by the 1,361 exhibitors representing German companies. So
as you’d expect, there is a lot of German being spoken on the floor.
But you can expect to frequently overhear conversations in Russian,
Italian and English as well. Representatives at each exhibit wear
lapel pins with flags of the countries whose languages they speak.
That makes it easy to know who to approach if you have a question.

Because the site is so large, you can
wear down a lot of shoe leather getting from one end to the other.

Fortunately, the show offers complimentary shuttle buses that run
around the entire grounds, making it surprisingly easy and fast to
get from one end of the Messe to the other.

To satisfy your appetite, there are
countless restaurants and food stands offering everything from
high-end cuisine to bratwurst and beer. And you can wander through
the exhibition with your beer if you want.


Before I wrap up today’s post, here’s a
look at New Holland’s second-generation hydrogen tractor prototype,
which is on display at the company’s large exhibit. Aside from the
updated appearance, this tractor has seen some significant
redesigning under the sheet metal. With a rated output of about 140

horsepower, this one has a little more muscle than its predecessor.
And it has an increased fuel-cell capacity of 340 litres, but that
still only gives it two to three hours of working time. Product reps
acknowledge that is an area that needs further development.

PB170180.JPGThis tractor heads out for field trials
near Turin Italy next season. The farm chosen for the testing will be
producing its own hydrogen for the tractor and other energy needs.
Engineers will evaluate the tractor’s performance after the season is
over and the challenge of making improvements will begin all over


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Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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