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Do you have a favourite machine?

Over the last several weeks I’ve passed
by a lot of new-machinery exhibits at shows and trade fairs. Looking
at those displays really emphasizes just how impressive and diverse modern technology has become. But when talking to farmers or machinery enthusiasts, it
often seems to be an older machine—usually a tractor—that really
holds their respect.

That respect is usually based on years of
reliable service. And farmers have often

spent so much time doing farm work with their favourite tractor that they now think of it as an old friend. Generally, that machine or one like it is
still parked somewhere in the farmyard and used for some easy chores
despite its age.

Monty Niebergall of Neudorf,
Saskatchewan, has an old friend that is still the primary mover on
his farm; and it’s an incredibly rare machine. His John Deere WA-14
handles all the farm’s field work; and he has no plans to part with
it, even though Deere collectors have been drooling over it trying to convince him to sell.


“What would I replace it with,” he

asks. He bought the tractor to use on the farm back when it didn’t generate much interest from collectors. Over the years, he’s updated some of
its features to make it perform better. And that includes the air
conditioning system, so the cab is as comfortable as those on many newer
models. And the WA-14 even looks like new; Monty has painted it, too.
“A guy has to have it looking nice,” he adds.

Look for more on this tractor in the
upcoming print issue of Grainews.

Do you have a classic machine, or even
a relatively new one, that has served you well? If so, let me know
about it, and we’ll give it the respect it deserves by featuring it
in Grainews. And we’ll also give you a chance to tell everyone why
you like it. Just email me at [email protected]
or post a reply to this blog. 

Let me know what you like about your machine.
Include a digital picture of it, if you have one, preferably one with
you in it. Include your phone number so I can call you for a few
extra details, if necessary.


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Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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