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Comparing new tractor prices

A few weeks ago, Arie Prilik of MTZ Equipment Ltd., Canadian distributors of the Belarus-built MTZ line of tractors emailed me—as well as a few others—with a chart his company had prepared. It was a sampling of current list prices for new tractors in the 80 to 450-Plus horsepower range.

It’s not meant to be a 100 percent comprehensive and scientific comparison,” he said in the email. “That’s simply impossible, because of the huge variety of available options, features, price programs, promotions etc. Yet, we hope it will be a useful reference tool for you…”

In case you’re wondering, I haven’t gone so far as to double check his figures and confirm all the data. I’m taking him at his word that the information is accurate. This is how he describes the process used to put the charts together.

We attempted to price the different brands in a similar configuration, to include four-wheel drive, full cab, AC, front weights, front fenders, three rear hydraulic outlets, similar size radial tires. Where a manufacturer offered several tractor lines for a particular power category, we listed just the most affordable model.”

Aside from simple technology and a lack of Tier 4 Final emissions systems, low price is one of the prime selling features MTZ emphasizes in its marketing, so the charts promote that. However even after saying that, the comparisons do make for interesting reading.


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