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Are you on the edge of farming?

In the last year a lot of groups and
organizations decided it was time to start promoting agriculture.
That led to initiatives such as the Ag More Than Ever program and a
few others. The idea behind them is to get the general public
familiar with farming again, and let them know how important it is in
our society. A pretty sizeable chunk of the population in North
America doesn’t know anyone who lives on a farm, nor have they ever

set foot on one. So there really is a need to get the message out.

But because there is so much diversity
in agriculture across the world, it might be a good thing for
farmers, themselves, to take a renewed look at their own industry,
too. There is such a variety of potential problems faced by producers
growing different crops in different regions of the world that it’s
hard to imagine them all. Attending farm shows all across Canada and
the U.S. along with Europe has certainly driven home that fact for

A new website,,
looks at the challenges faced by farmers across the U.S. Farming
varies just as much from region to region south of the 49th
as it does here. In a series of short video segments on the site
producers discuss their unique problems and what motivates them to
stay on the farm.

I’ve watched several clips, and I think
the videos will be just as interesting for farmers as they may be for
city residents who want to know more about the industry. They’re
pretty well done. More segments are released each week that tell a
little more about each of the operations highlighted.

The website’s producers intend to
expand the series and explore as many different regions of North
America as possible. They’re even hoping to include a series or two
on Canadian farmers for next year, so they’re now looking to make
contact with the right producers to begin the process of documenting
the challenges we face in the Great White North. That means there may
be an opportunity for you to tell your story.

You’ll find information on the website
about how to enter a contest and win a $1,000 Cabela’s gift
certificate. If you’re an aspiring Alfred Hitchcock, you can create

your own video and upload it to YouTube. Then, submit an online entry
form through the website. If your video is one of those picked it
will be featured on the website’s YouTube and Facebook pages. If they
really like your flick, you may be asked to be one of the farmers
featured on the site’s featured video series.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 3.45.57 PM.png

A screen shot of

That means having a professional camera
crew document your operation, that’s an opportunity not many people
get. And you’ll be helping tell the rest of the world how we do
things in Canada.

There is one thing, though. is sponsored by AGCO’s Challenger equipment
brand, so they’re hoping to find producers that not only want to tell
their story, but are using at least some AGCO equipment in their

If this sounds like you and you’d be
willing to participate, you can enter the contest I described
earlier, by submitting your own video. But if you’re not that handy
with a camera, think you’d like to be the focus of a feature series
and would prefer to contact them another way, just send me an email
at [email protected]
and I’ll pass your name along to the right person at AGCO’s PR firm.

They’ll ask me a bit about the size and
kind of operation you have (ie. grain, cattle, mixed, etc.) and what
AGCO equipment you use. So if you email me, include a couple of
sentences answering those questions that I can pass along to them.

Good luck.

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Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.

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