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Announcing the Grainews “Farmers’ Choice All-Time Favourite” award

For nearly every farmer there’s at least one tractor, combine or other machine that stands out as being a favourite. Maybe it offered—or still offers—unbeatable reliability and efficiency, or it’s styling has proven to be elegant and timeless.

Well, now’s your chance to speak up and get some recognition for that machine you think so much of. We at Grainews have decided to ask you, our readers, what farm machine is worthy of being awarded the title of “Farmer’s Choice All-Time Favourite”.

Here’s the plan. Between now and April 25th, the nominations are open. Tell us which machine model you think deserves to win the title. Email your nominations to [email protected] In your message, tell us in 200 words or less why you think the machine deserves a nomination.

NH bi-directional models have been a long-time favourite with cattle producers. Does one of these tractors deserve the award?

All nominations will go before a panel of judges who will select a group of finalists. They will be listed in the May issue of Grainews. Between then and the closing of Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina on June 20th, Grainews readers will all get a chance to vote for their pick. Visitors to the Regina show will be able to vote in person at one of FBC Publishing’s display booths. More detailed voting information will be announced soon.

Here are the rules: Only models not currently in production can be nominated. But other than that, any model that rolled off a production line in this century or the last is eligible. There will be three general categories, one for tractors, one for combines and one for all other types of farm equipment.

 The Judges who select the finalists will consider four criteria when making their decisions. First, does the machine have a reputation for reliable performance? Second, did it significantly advance technology? Third, does it have attractive styling? And fourth, does it feature engineering that is simple, innovative and efficient (for its time)?

 Keep those considerations in mind when recommending a particular model, and tell us how your favourite excels in any or all of the categories. So, let’s hear from you. Make your nomination now.




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Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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