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Adding bling

As companies vie for attention from
visitors at farm machinery shows, every year there seems to be a
little more bling. That notion first dawned on me when I walked
through New Holland’s display at the 2009 Agritechnica event in
Hannover, Germany.

Due entirely to good luck, rather than
good management, I happened to be on the spot when organizers
released a troupe of exotic dancing girls who whirled through the

parked blue machines and completely stopped pedestrian traffic in the
process. It goes without saying that kind of spectacle captured the
attention of every man in the vicinity. But this sight was so
unusual, even the women were agog.

Fortunately, I captured the scene with
my handy camera. Because when I spoke to friends about it, they
started to give me the same look a fisherman gets when he talks about
the 20-pounder that got away. However, I had evidence.

Now that the Facebook images are
starting to get posted from the National Farm Machinery Show in
Louisville, Kentucky, there is clearly some added bling for visitors
there to see as well. Of course, New Holland seems to be no slouch in
that department—again. But this time there is no mention of dancing
girls, just custom paint jobs. Maybe we conservative North Americans
aren’t quite ready for that kind of display. I hope someday we will
be, though!

In the meantime, here’s a look at one
of the custom paint jobs on display.

National pic.jpg

Custom paint seems to be catching on
more and more with farmers, too. That’s not surprising when you consider
how much money they have invested in their equipment. Wanting it to
stand out from the crowd seems only natural. That’s the whole basis
behind much of the customization that occurs with cars and hot rods.

As an example, AGCO just released a
scale model of one of their Massey Ferguson tractors, but they took
inspiration from one of their large-scale French customers. This
custom operator decided he wanted to stand out from his competition,
who also used Masseys, so he asked for his fleet to be painted black.
AGCO brass liked the idea so much they painted their scale models
black, too.

MF model.jpg

All of this begs the question, has the
customizing bug bitten you? Have you painted your tractor or other
machine in a way that fits your own personal style? If so, let me
know. Send me a picture at [email protected]

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Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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