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DIY testing

We ran ASV and competitive brand models over a bump track to compare track suspension response at ASV’s proving grounds in Minnesota Over the past few years, we at Grainews have been conducting practical tests to provide our readers with insight into what some of the various machines commonly used on the farm really have[...]

30 years in and still on the learning curve

Man I have to start off my 30-something year of writing agricultural stories for this company with a correction. Fortunately I only had to take off one glove to do it. One of my Hutterite reader friends phoned the other night to point out in my December column where I was talking about available agricultural[...]

Living Without Jay, If You Can Call It Living!

Boy, it is pretty hard dragging myself out of bed in the morning to get to work, now that Jay is gone. Why? What for? Who cares? What’s the point? I am listless. (What’s that? Did someone mention a paycheck… okay, that is enough to re-kindle my interest. There’s fire in the belly again.) Geez,[...]