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Running a classic tractor fleet

I often hear people discussing when they should replace their farm equipment with new or updated machines. But that level of investment might not be the most sensible plan for all farms. Keeping an older equipment fleet operating might be the best strategy for some. That’s what brothers Les and Larry Rodgers, who farm near[...]

Mahindra adds more horsepower

A panel of executives from the India-based Mahindra brand held a press conference to speak to journalists at Agritechnica Last November. They were there to introduce three new tractor series, the 6000, 7000 and 9000, which push the maximum available horsepower up to 120. They give the brand a solid presence in the utility tractor[...]

A tractor manufacturer on the fast track

JCB’s chief innovation and growth officer Tim Burnhope was beaming as he stood on stage in a theatre at the company’s Rocester England World Headquarters. He was there to introduce JCB’s newest ag machines to members of the farm media invited there from most of the countries the brand sells into. The biggest news Burnhope[...]

Bigger FWA models from Versatile

With Final Tier 4, we’re finding our fuel efficiency is rising dramatically,” said Andrew Winkels, Versatile’s front-wheel assist tractor project manager, as we walked around a new 360 tractor in the company’s Winnipeg assembly plant. A new, Tier 4 Final, 9 litre QSL Cummins diesel is at the heart of the brand’s two new models, the 335 and 360. On this day Versatile was[...]

Is it time for new tires?

Any producer who keeps the same tractor around the farm for several years will eventually need to decide when it’s time to replace the tires. Excessively worn drive tires can seriously affect a tractor’s performance and increase operating costs due to higher fuel consumption, because increased wheel slip caused by poor traction is wasted energy.[...]

New brand identity for SeedMaster

In late June, SeedMaster’s president, Norbert Beaujot, stood in front of a group of farmers and made a brief presentation on the brand’s history during a field day at the company’s research farm in Southeast Saskatchewan. In any similar future presentation, 2015 may have to be highlighted as another important year for the company, which has[...]

John Deere debuts new EZ Ballast

John Deere took home a Silver Innovation award at Agritechnica this year for its newest idea in tractor ballasting, intended to make getting the right amount of weight on each axle a much simpler job. Attaching and removing wheel weights is so difficult, no one really bothers touching them once they’re bolted on. But there[...]

Tractor built to meet farm needs

If there was one stand-out display that caught farmers’ attention at this year’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, it was the unique, home-built tractor that has now become a kind of corporate mascot for Honey Bee Manufacturing. The tractor, originally built in 1979 by the Honey Brothers who went on to found the company[...]