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FendtONE improves digital access

Among the key trends influencing machinery design across all brands today is operator comfort. As part of that, making digital control and access simpler and more intuitive has figured high for engineering priorities as well. AGCO’s Fendt brand has been working on those priorities too. The latest result of that effort is the introduction of[...]

Titan expands its crossover tire tread offerings

Titan Tire announced the expansion of its new crossover tire line for compact tractors, the Goodyear R14T. The crossover tire, which is a hybrid of different tread patterns, is now available in 14 additional sizes to accommodate tractors all the way up to 150 horsepower. “We launched the first-of-its-kind R14T last year and have seen[...]

Will the 9030 ever come back?

Early this spring, Winnipeg-based Versatile announced the introduction of the Nemesis tractor series that adds power to the low end of the company’s current tractor line up. The new models land squarely in the mid-horsepower range. “In that 170- to 250-horsepower range, we had demand from dealers and customers for a tractor like that with[...]

AGCO introduces the new MF 1700M Series tractors

Using the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, as the venue, AGCO introduced the Massey Ferguson 1700M Series compact tractors, which is made up of two models offering 36 and 60 horsepower. The larger tractor can be ordered with either a 12x12 power shuttle or electronically controlled three-range hydrostatic transmission. The smaller tractor is available[...]

Faster road speed with tracks

One of the criticisms of rubber-belt track systems has been their rapid wear rate from on-road travel. Now Camso, one of the industry’s major track systems manufacturers, has introduced a new feature designed to minimize that problem and permit higher road speeds at the same time. The brand’s smart track technology adds a digital component to monitor track system temperatures. Smart track technology relies on embedded sensors placed within the rubber tracks that monitor heat and[...]

Case IH introduces the new AccuTurn

Case IH may not yet be ready to put a retail price on the autonomous Magnum tractor it showed last year, which started the industry talking, but some of the technology from that concept vehicle is beginning to make its way into the brand’s existing line of tractors. The software logic used in the guidance[...]

Can you save money with tracks?

There’s no doubt the demand for rubber-belt track systems on ag equipment continues to grow. Many new implements hitting the market are now designed specifically for tracks and don’t even offer wheels as an option. But no matter how you slice it, track systems boost the cost of an implement purchase pretty significantly. So, are[...]