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Rise of the ag-robots

The sight of Case IH’s 400-horsepower robotic Magnum tractor built without an operator’s station at the U.S. Farm Progress Show in August had show goers talking — and talking, and talking. There was a virtual non-stop crowd of onlookers around it from the time the show gates in Boone, Iowa, opened in the morning until[...]

New air-boom spreader from Salford

A prototype air-boom spreader on display at Salford’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show exhibit in Regina was the result of the brand deciding to accommodate a special request from a customer, says Dave King, the company’s director of sales and marketing. “Last year at this show we were showing a MagnaSpread big spreader and we also had[...]

Understanding hydraulic systems

With so many large implements now demanding multiple oil flows from high-output hydraulic systems, every producer understands meeting those specifications will almost certainly require a tractor with a closed-centre hydraulic system. Less efficient, open-centre systems were once the industry standard. And there are still many new tractors on the market today that rely on them,[...]

Bigger FWA models from Versatile

With Final Tier 4, we’re finding our fuel efficiency is rising dramatically,” said Andrew Winkels, Versatile’s front-wheel assist tractor project manager, as we walked around a new 360 tractor in the company’s Winnipeg assembly plant. A new, Tier 4 Final, 9 litre QSL Cummins diesel is at the heart of the brand’s two new models, the 335 and 360. On this day Versatile was[...]

Furrow-finding packer tire

Getting good seed-to-soil contact is critical in ensuring a high germination rate when seeding. On most air drills with independent row openers, the job of ensuring that contact happens falls to the trailing packer wheel. But there are some conditions which can cause a fixed packer wheel to run slightly off the seed row, such[...]

High-speed sprayers come to Canada

The model names of RBR Enterprise’s two sprayer/spreader models, Vector and Venturi, are both associated with speed, at least indirectly. That inference seems pretty appropriate for the 305 and 350 horsepower machines that can hit 52 m.p.h. (roughly 83 km/h) on the road. That kind of speed would seriously cut down travel times between fields.[...]

Is it time for new tires?

Any producer who keeps the same tractor around the farm for several years will eventually need to decide when it’s time to replace the tires. Excessively worn drive tires can seriously affect a tractor’s performance and increase operating costs due to higher fuel consumption, because increased wheel slip caused by poor traction is wasted energy.[...]

Morris’s new concept air cart tender

At Morris’ display on the grounds of Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, the company’s chief operating officer, Don Henry, points out the two new air carts the brand is introducing for 2016, a tow-between version of its 800-bushel model and its biggest model yet, a 1,000-bushel, tow-behind cart. But while Henry says the company[...]