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Running a classic tractor fleet

I often hear people discussing when they should replace their farm equipment with new or updated machines. But that level of investment might not be the most sensible plan for all farms. Keeping an older equipment fleet operating might be the best strategy for some. That’s what brothers Les and Larry Rodgers, who farm near[...]

Germany’s Dammann sprayer comes to Canada

Anyone who’s ever walked the aisles of Agritechnica, the giant German farm machinery show, will understand that Europeans have taken sprayer technology to an entirely new level. A relatively intensive agriculture regime coupled with extremely stringent regulations and intense public scrutiny of herbicide use has demanded it. At the same time, farmers are still looking[...]

A tractor manufacturer on the fast track

JCB’s chief innovation and growth officer Tim Burnhope was beaming as he stood on stage in a theatre at the company’s Rocester England World Headquarters. He was there to introduce JCB’s newest ag machines to members of the farm media invited there from most of the countries the brand sells into. The biggest news Burnhope[...]

Apache sprayer updates

Indiana-based ET Works recently announced several new options and updates for its 2017 line of Apache sprayers. The Apaches’ standard spray booms will now feature quick-service, Banjo-style manifold fittings and Hypro nozzle bodies. Stainless steel boom plumbing will now be an option too. To support all that equipment, the brand’s 90- and 100-foot booms get[...]

Agrifac speeds things up

Dutch sprayer manufacturer Agrifac just added a new feature to its unique line of SP sprayers, the FastFoldPlus boom. This new system significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to fold and unfold the boom. Although exact times vary depending on the overall width, the company says a three-fold, 48 metre (157.5 foot) boom[...]

Understanding hydraulic systems

With so many large implements now demanding multiple oil flows from high-output hydraulic systems, every producer understands meeting those specifications will almost certainly require a tractor with a closed-centre hydraulic system. Less efficient, open-centre systems were once the industry standard. And there are still many new tractors on the market today that rely on them,[...]

Furrow-finding packer tire

Getting good seed-to-soil contact is critical in ensuring a high germination rate when seeding. On most air drills with independent row openers, the job of ensuring that contact happens falls to the trailing packer wheel. But there are some conditions which can cause a fixed packer wheel to run slightly off the seed row, such[...]