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Evaluating used heavy trucks: Part 2

Earlier this year we began a series of articles looking to help potential buyers understand what’s available in the used truck tractor market when considering an addition to the farm fleet. We started with a look at a lower-priced unit of under $25,000. This time we’re moving up the price ladder to the mid range[...]

Driving a loaded grain truck

The horrific traffic collision that involved the Humboldt Broncos hockey team this spring has, among other things, sparked a debate around the safe operation of heavy trucks and the training of drivers. The truck involved in that incident belonged to a commercial carrier, not a farm. But across the Prairie provinces farmers enjoy some major[...]

Ford heads into the hills

In 1966 Ford was the first of the Detroit Three automakers to realize the Jeep brand was onto something. At the time, Kaiser, which bought Willys and therefore ownership of the Jeep brand, had turned the spunky little four-wheel drive into a growing line of Jeep-branded vehicles designed for weekend warriors who wanted to hit[...]

Winter F-150 road test

Extreme cold weather is hard on vehicles. And this winter has been extreme. So rather than stay inside with a hot cup of coffee and watch afternoon movies, Grainews decided there was no better time to take advantage of Mother Nature’s cruel side to see just how it affects the average farm pickup. So we[...]

A diesel F-150 pickup for 2018

This year Ford joins the ranks of automakers that are offering a diesel engine option in half-ton pickups. The 2018 F-150 will be available with a total of six different engine choices, and for the first time a 3.0 litre V-6, turbocharged diesel capable of 30 m.p.g. (7.84 l/100 km) is one of them. The[...]

The “all-new” Ram 1500

It turns out engineers at FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) have had the Ram pickup on a diet. The new 2019 models introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in January were a svelte 225 pounds lighter than the current versions. Part of that weight reduction comes from switching to aluminum for some components, such as the[...]

100 years of Ford trucks

July 27, 1917 was a big day for Henry Ford. That was the day the Model T car was given a brother, the Model TT pickup, Ford’s very first truck. And last July marked the 100th anniversary of that production milestone at Ford. Suggested retail for the TT was $600 (about $9,607.32 in today’s dollars),[...]

Ford's aluminum body F-150

If the idea of all that aluminum makes you think this new lightweight “effie” is delicate compared to one with all-steel construction, Ford wants you to think again. The company even claims to have entered a “disguised” 2015 F-150 in the famous Baja 1000 desert race.