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Kubota digs into tillage offerings

With its acquisition of the Norwegian implement manufacturer Kverneland, Kubota has been steadily integrating that company’s equipment to its own product line, particularly hay and forage equipment. And in some cases, such as with the newest Kubota round baler offering, it’s the result of expanding the original Kverneland lines in order to cater to North[...]

Clean Seed adds a planter

A couple of years ago, Clean Seed Capital finally introduced the CX6 seed drill that the company had let farmers know was coming down the pike. Now with two years of CX6 production under its belt, Clean Seed is expanding its manufacturing footprint. In July the company announced it had acquired U.S.-based Harvest International, a[...]

Germany’s Dammann sprayer comes to Canada

Anyone who’s ever walked the aisles of Agritechnica, the giant German farm machinery show, will understand that Europeans have taken sprayer technology to an entirely new level. A relatively intensive agriculture regime coupled with extremely stringent regulations and intense public scrutiny of herbicide use has demanded it. At the same time, farmers are still looking[...]

Lemken adds new implement features

Grainews met up with Lemken’s Canadian sales manager, Laurent Letzter, at the brand’s display during the Agritechnica machinery show in Germany in November. Lemken was using that event to solicit feedback from farmers on a couple of new prototype features it had recently developed for its line of compact discs, and it was introducing others[...]

Introducing the Weed Clipper

One of the newest implements to hit the market in Canada this year, the Weed Clipper (video), came from Bourgault Tillage Tools, and it was on display in the Innovations Show Place at Canada’s Farm Progress in Regina in June. Designed to cut fast growing weeds that are taller than the crop, the Weed Clipper gives[...]

A ‘Quantum’ leap for Morris

At the 2018 edition of the Ag in Motion farm show at Langham, Saskatchewan, Morris Industries had a new drill to take centre stage at its display, the Quantum. Although the Quantum drill put in an earlier public appearance in Regina in June at Canada’s Farm Progress Show, the brand picked the Ag in Motion[...]