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New “Concord Legacy Edition” opener

AGCO-Amity’s new air drill draws on features from original Concord design

In 2011 North Dakota-based Amity Technology partnered with AGCO on the development of dry-land seeding projects, creating the AGCO-Amity Company. Its most recent introduction, the PSD (Precision Shank Drill), was unveiled in October and is the latest product to hit the market as a result of that joint effort.

“Agronomic design, residue flow, field finish, and speed define the Amity Precision Shank Drill,” reads the company’s press release. “The PSD’s utilization of many similar components to the original Concord Air Till Drill lends to the introduction of the drill as the ‘Concord Legacy Edition.’”

The PSD uses a leading cutting coulter to create a trench, a product placement shank, twin disc levellers to refill the seed trench and a pneumatic packer tire to close it. This arrangement creates a well-defined seed trench, which retains moisture and leaves a flat field surface to make harvesting pulse crops easier, claims the company.

Seed placement depth is adjusted with coloured depth stops on the toolbar. Shank and packing pressure can be controlled from the tractor cab. The position of the packer tire is adjustable, allowing it to “skew” to minimize build up in sticky conditions.

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