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New packer option for Carrier

Väderstad adds another feature to the options list for its tillage implements

Väderstad’s Carrier L and XL disc tillage implements get one more feature added to their options lists for 2018. The Double SteelRunner rear soil reconsolidation packers are one more choice buyers get when spec’ing out a new Carrier.

“Double SteelRunner, which creates a very effective reconsolidation and clod breaking, is a very interesting complement to our other packers,” says Magnus Samuelsson, concept developer at Väderstad AB in Sweden. “Because of the design of the packer, the soil dries up faster, thereby allowing the farmer to quickly go out on the field for the next operation. Furthermore, the open design of the packer results in minimized bulldozing and a low draught requirement.”

A Carrier with the Double SteelRunner is now available for order from Canadian dealers.

A Carrier with the Double Steel-Runner is now available for order from Canadian dealers.
photo: Vaderstad

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