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Versatile’s 25th anniversary tractor

Versatile hasn’t been shy about its willingness to try new looks on its machines, especially when it comes to offering unique paint schemes. The “Legacy” look that saw limited production on 50th anniversary four-wheel drive tractors was well received by customers. Now, it’s thinking about doing something similar with its front-wheel assist tractor line.

“We’re known for four-wheel drives, says Adam Reid Versatile marketing manager. “There’s no doubt when you say Versatile people think of four-wheel drives. But we do have a 25-year legacy of building front- wheel assist tractors as well.”

First introduced in 1993, the Genesis tractor line was built in the same Winnipeg factory. Since that time,that lineage of production actually represents seven brands that were sold internationally.

“What we did for the 25th anniversary, is one tractor,” Reid says. “It’s done in black paint with a silver fleck in it, of course 25 years being a silver anniversary. We’re just doing one right now, but if there’s demand we might build a few more.

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