Wi-Fi temperature probe for grain bins

Jason Diehl of Dimo’s/Labtronics explains how the Wi-Fi Temperature Probe can easily and accurately monitor grain bin temperature in real time from your iPad or iPhone. Video Highlights •10 ft. probe has single infrared sensor at tip and transmitter at handle •Probe is turned on and inserted into grain bin •User connects to via iPad […] Read more

Innovation key for Canada’s food processors

Alistair Johnston, food industry advocate and consultant for Synertik on what Canadian food processors need to do to catch up to Europe and global exporters. Video Highlights •Canada behind Europe because of disparate geography and domestic, inward focus •Canadian food processors need to learn how to be stronger exporters •Stable banks, regulatory systems, work forces, […] Read more


One of the newest UTV brands to hit the Prairies

Grainews takes a look at the CFMoto brand of UTVs. The company’s brand ambassador, Kevin Cullen, explains the features offered on the two side-by-side models now available in Western Canada.

Sowing seeds of success: How to discover your next business breakthrough

Customer relationships are like plants – both need attention and care to thrive. By “making gardening easier”, Christie Pollack has created a horticultural hub for her customers and successful business model with room to grow. Video Highlights •Analytics and customer profiles help Christie gauge and adapt to customer needs •Christie sells information – website, in-store […] Read more

Montour: Success is a family business

Marc Montour shares the story of his family’s spice, marinade and rub business and how empowering the next generation to innovate will keep the business successful. • 3rd generation family business, serving meat industry since the 1950s • built relationship with retail chains developing added value ready-to-eat and cook products • consumers looking for clean […] Read more

Airguard Blockage Prevention System

Airguard’s Blockage Preventive System reduces airstream humidity, cools hydraulic oil and eliminates plugging, allowing for more efficient seeding. Video Highlights •Uses hydraulic oil to heat airstream 10 degrees •Allows for seeding in wet and dry conditions •Eliminates line plugging from low quality fertilizer and moisture •System easily mounts to fan intake •Can be mounted to […] Read more