5 Keys to a Successful Agribusiness

Kevin Stewart helps you focus on your farm’s future with these five tips for successful agribusiness. Video highlights: •Running a successful agribusiness can be achieved by focusing on the road ahead • Think about how decisions made today will help you achieve your long term goals •Use networking to maintain good relationships with your supply […] Read More

Ag Industry Scores Viral Victory

Greg Peterson, from Peterson Farm Brothers, discusses his success using various forms of social media to promote agriculture. Video highlights: •Greg Peterson uses many different social media outlets to share ag-related content with the world •His numerous parodies of well-known music videos (available on YouTube) have had huge viral success •Greg’s goal is to stress […] Read More

Ask an Expert: What Drives the Canadian Dollar?

FCC Senior Economist Leigh Anderson explains how the value of the Canadian dollar is decided and why a lower loonie can benefit the Canadian ag industry Video highlights: •Supply and demand (most notably the demand for oil) and interest rates are the key drivers in the value of the Canadian dollar •Understanding what affects the […] Read More

Get the Milk You Produced

Don Höglund of Dairy Stockmanship explains how teaching animal to behave properly can optimize the milk production on your farm. Video highlights: •Understanding how animals learn helps producers communicate with their livestock •Using proper techniques with your animals can promote optimal production •Everyone who is interacting with livestock can impact what animals learn and how […] Read More

Why Duck Deserves a Spot on Your Dinner Table

Bruno Giuliani, Vice-President of Brome Lake Ducks, is working toward making duck a staple on Canadian dinner tables. Video highlights: •Brome Lake Ducks, founded in 1912, is educating Canadian consumers on the benefits of duck and duck products •Brome Lake Ducks cares for their animals throughout their lifespan and uses a special feed program which […] Read More