Tool or Toy? Technology’s Trends and Ag

It’s tough to know whether you really need the newest gadget and if it has a practical business use. Technology expert Peter Gredig explains some of the latest products.   Video highlights: •Google Glass imposes images in its lenses, lets you take photos or video and access information – similar to a smartphone •3D printers […] Read More

Using an air stream to clean grain

Grainews reporter Lisa Guenther caught up with Howard Benson, a Saskatchewan farmer, to learn about a different take on grain cleaning. Benson represents Grain Cleaning Systems Inc, a company based in Minnesota. These grain cleaners don’t use screens to separate seed. Instead, a fan creates an air stream that sorts grain from chaff based on […] Read More

Getting the Most From Field Manager PRO 360

FCC Software expert Matt Van Dijk talks about how you can get the most from Field Manager PRO 360 and FM PRO Mobile. Get your software at   Video highlights: •Using satellite imagery, you can map your farm •An easy way to keep concise records •Sync with the FM PRO Mobile app to access […] Read More

Exploring New Market Opportunities

Trade expert Frédéric Seppey explains how Canadian producers will gain competitive advantages from trade agreements Canada is currently negotiating. Video highlights: •Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the EU gives Canada access to 500 million consumers •Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the EU gives Canada access to 500 million consumers •With CETA, […] Read More

When Passion Meets Vision: The Ryan Hreljac Story

In 1998, six-year-old Ryan began raising money so kids across the world could have clean water. His foundation, Ryan’s Well, has raised over $6 million to date. If you’d like to help change lives with Ryan’s Well, go to Video highlights: • Ryan started out doing odd jobs in his neighbourhood to raise funds […] Read More

Webinar: New Consumer Trends and the Opportunity for Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food Businesses

Changing consumer tastes and preferences are important drivers of the today’s food landscape. Find out which emerging consumer trends are creating opportunity for Canadian agriculture and agri-food businesses. Pre-recorded FCC Agriwebinar from December 1, 2014 featuring John Cranfield. About John Cranfield John is a Professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics at […] Read More

The many definitions of bread

Bread is on one hand one of the world’s most common foods, but on the other hand one of the most varied. In this video, staff at the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) talk about the different types of bread around the world, and how they work with customers to determine the best type of […] Read More

Management Moment: Life Insurance

Life insurance can’t change unfortunate circumstances, but it can soften the blow and give your family time to heal when the unthinkable happens. Video highlights: •Seeding, planting and harvest are the most dangerous times of year due to excessive work  hours •Consider the implications to your family and farm partners if death or injury occurs […] Read More

Putting more ‘superfood’ in the North American diet

It’s hardly an exaggeration to call pulses a ‘superfood’ — they’re high in protein and other nutrients, they’ve been proven to reduce bad cholesterol and they provide free nitrogen for the farmers who grow them. But while they’re a staple in diets in the Middle East, consumption is low in North America. In this video, […] Read More