How to Raise the Bar with Lessons from a Football CEO

Raising the bar is something every business can do, even the top ones. Hear how Saskatchewan Roughriders CEO Jim Hopson helped all his employees believe in a championship mentality. Video highlights: •See your business as a leader in its industry •Each person doesn’t need to be responsible for the whole business, just their own role […] Read More

Management Moment: Reinvent Your Retirement

Hear how you can reinvent your retirement by mentoring the younger generation and taking on new roles in the farm family business. Video highlights: •Stop referring to it as retirement and start calling it reinvention •An easy way to keep concise records •Think of retirement as a positive step towards reinventing yourself and your business […] Read More

2014 Farmland Values Report

Taking interest rates and regional prices into account, hear why FCC Chief Ag Economist J.P. Gervais thinks farmland values could be moving towards more moderate increases in Canada. Read the full report at Video highlights: • Despite an overall increase, farmland in Canada is not appreciating everywhere • In 2014, Farmland values increased by 14.3% […] Read More

Management Moment: Build a brand for success

Building a strong brand helps your operation gain familiarity and credibility, which can lead to value-added opportunities. It helps your customers understand the people and production behind their food — making them more likely to return and support your operation. Video highlights: •Your brand is about being aware of how others perceive your operation — […] Read More

Exploring New Market Opportunities

Trade expert Frédéric Seppey explains how Canadian producers will gain competitive advantages from trade agreements Canada is currently negotiating. Video highlights: •Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the EU gives Canada access to 500 million consumers •Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the EU gives Canada access to 500 million consumers •With CETA, […] Read More

Soil Conservation Week — the job is not over

April 19-25 is National Soil Conservation Week, an annual event to remind everyone of the need to protect the soil resource from some of the damage it suffered during the “Dirty Thirties.” Unfortunately, some scenes of that time were repeated in parts of Manitoba last week when south winds gusting as high as 88 km/h […] Read More

Tool or Toy? Technology’s Trends and Ag

It’s tough to know whether you really need the newest gadget and if it has a practical business use. Technology expert Peter Gredig explains some of the latest products.   Video highlights: •Google Glass imposes images in its lenses, lets you take photos or video and access information – similar to a smartphone •3D printers […] Read More

Using an air stream to clean grain

Grainews reporter Lisa Guenther caught up with Howard Benson, a Saskatchewan farmer, to learn about a different take on grain cleaning. Benson represents Grain Cleaning Systems Inc, a company based in Minnesota. These grain cleaners don’t use screens to separate seed. Instead, a fan creates an air stream that sorts grain from chaff based on […] Read More

Agritruth’s scientific approach to agriculture

Adam Gurr and his farming partners are saving and making money through their own on-farm research, which they’re also sharing through their company Agritruth. Gurr tells Manitoba Co-operator reporter Allan Dawson about their work and the importance of conducting trials scientifically. Watch for Allan Dawson’s companion article in the upcoming April 8, 2015 issue of the […] Read More