Temple Grandin: An Animal welfare game-changer

Dr. Temple Grandin has revolutionized humane handling practices in the livestock industry. She shares how the industry’s changing for the better and how producers can build trust about animal welfare. Video Highlights • Temple’s revolutionary Center Track Restraining System is designed to reduces stress in animals • Farmers and ranchers speaking directly to consumers is […] Read more


VIDEO: Bringing people to the ranch (virtually)

VR headset, 3-D videos offer a real-life look of cattle on the ranch

In a bid to win over consumers, the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association (SCA) has created 3-D videos showing how cattle are raised and cared for on Garret Hill’s Saskatchewan ranch. By putting on a headset and virtual reality glasses, people can stand in the middle of Hill’s cow-herd while he explains beef production practices. Grainews Field Editor […] Read more

Jon Montgomery:  Using failure to your advantage

Olympic Gold Medalist and host of Amazing Race Canada Jon Montgomery on celebrating success, effective collaboration and failing with positivity. •Important to celebrate life and work as a team •Positivity and determination key to mental and physical transformation •Failure and how you react to it defines you as a person •Peer coaching and collaboration helps […] Read more


Bayer Agronomy Summit – 2016

The Bayer Agronomy Summit brought together top agronomists from across Canada to Banff, Alta. on Nov. 14-16, 2016. The Western Producer’s Robin Booker teamed up with Lisa Guenther from Grainews and talked to some of the presenters at the summit.

The 5% Rule: How Small Improvements Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Hear how a few small changes can have a big impact on your revenue. Kristjan Hebert of Hebert Grain Ventures explains why the 5% rule could change the way you run your farm. Video highlights: •5% increase on yields and marketing with a 5% decrease on costs can mean a 117% increase on your bottom […] Read more

How outstanding farmers do things differently

As the first, second-generation winners of the 2016 B.C./Yukon Outstanding Young Farmer Award, it’s not what Brian and Jewel Pauls do to be successful, it’s how. Highlights: • The Pauls family raises broilers, layers and grows unique crops on multiple locations in B.C and Saskatchewan • The couple buys family farms and hires families to […] Read more

Pure Holsteins: Embracing Innovation and Each Other

David and Sara Simmons, owners of Pure Holsteins dairy farm, have improved the quality of their life by embracing technology. Video highlights: • David and Sara Simmons, owners and operators of Pure Holsteins dairy farm, have improved their lives and their business by embracing technology • Smart phones and robots let them manage their farm […] Read more