The 5% Rule: How Small Improvements Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Hear how a few small changes can have a big impact on your revenue. Kristjan Hebert of Hebert Grain Ventures explains why the 5% rule could change the way you run your farm. Video highlights: •5% increase on yields and marketing with a 5% decrease on costs can mean a 117% increase on your bottom […] Read more

Bison – a delicious and healthy alternative

Chef George Benchimol of the Canadian Bison Association shares tips for preparing bison and explains how this leaner, healthier alternative could become Canada’s future red meat. From SIAL Canada in Montreal. •Bison is lean, grass and grain fed and hormone free •Bison flank steak great for the BBQ •Best served rare to medium rare cooked […] Read more

Jon Montgomery:  Using failure to your advantage

Olympic Gold Medalist and host of Amazing Race Canada Jon Montgomery on celebrating success, effective collaboration and failing with positivity. •Important to celebrate life and work as a team •Positivity and determination key to mental and physical transformation •Failure and how you react to it defines you as a person •Peer coaching and collaboration helps […] Read more


On-farm manufacturer shows high-capacity liquid cart

One of the largest liquid fertilizer carts currently available was on display at the 2016 edition of Canada’s Farm Progress Show. Built by C.W. Mowat Manufacturing of New Norway, Alberta, it can carry 9,000 U.S. gallons in four tanks.


Seed Hawk upgrades metering system

Golden Globe nominee Scott Garvey stars in classic film about Seed Hawk’s new and improved metering system. As Peter Clarke, CEO of Seed Hawk, explains, the original metering system in the company’s iCon line was redesigned after growers shared their concerns. The new system includes a larger motor and a different meter housing.

2015 FCC Farmland Values Report

Get valuable insight into provincial and national land values across Canada with this overview of the 2015 Farmland Values Report. • Each year, FCC releases its Farmland Values Report which highlights the changes in the price of farm property in Canada • As a whole, national farm property values have grown by 10.1% which follows […] Read more

Ryan Walter: Finding success on and off the ice

NHL veteran, sportscaster and author Ryan Walter shares what he’s learned from a life of sport and how to apply it to achieving success in your life • When we blame others we give away our power • Growing resilience and developing habits important to achieving • Flow zone means being in the present • […] Read more