Farming for Growing World Demands

The global marketplace is important to Canadian agriculture. Get to know overseas customers and take advantage of the next big export opportunity. Video highlights: •With more countries looking to Canada as a food provider, it’s important to pay attention to the global marketplace •Off-shore market success requires a team effort from growers, farm organizations, agribusiness […] Read More

Preparing to thresh for the record

Volunteers brought their skills, and their iron, to Winnipeg on Aug. 18 to show the sort of work involved in attempting a world-record threshing bee. The demonstration of old-school threshing was held at the Red River Exhibition fairgrounds as a preview of Harvesting Hope, an event scheduled for July 31 next year at Austin during […] Read More

Refresh Your Equipment with New Seed Opener

The 2015 Farm Progress Show isn’t only about new equipment. The semi-independent seed opener is an example of how you can teach old equipment new tricks. Video highlights: •Replacing the shanks on your air drill with a semi-independent seed opener can give your older machine great depth control • If your air drill is in […] Read More


eQuipTV: Australia’s machinery history

Scott Garvey caught up with retired farmer Kel Archibald at Gunnedah’s AgQuip Field Days. Kel was volunteering at the Gunnedah Rural Museum exhibit and was happy to fill Scott in on Australia’s farming past and how it’s evolved into the modern industry it is today.


eQuipTV: Grainews goes to Australia

In this episode of eQuipTV, Grainews machinery editor Scott Garvey and field editor Lisa Guenther begin their look at agriculture down under, with a visit to a premier farm machinery show, Commonwealth Bank AgQuip.

Overseas Technology Saves Time for Canadian Farmers

The 2015 Farm Progress Show featured domestic and foreign innovations. The Austrian BISO combine header is easily adjustable to save time in the fields. Video highlights: •The BISO Ultralight 800 all-purpose combine header has many functions that can be adjusted right from the cab •Each combine header is specially built to fit different brands of […] Read More

Ask an Expert: Making Sense of Livestock-to-Feed Ratios

FCC Economic Researcher Martha Roberts explains how livestock-to-feed ratios can help you monitor the market and stay profitable. Video highlights: •A livestock-to-feed ratio is the price of livestock divided by the price of major feed grain •Patterns in the livestock-to-feed ratio help understand trends in profitability •Producers who raise livestock and grow grains can use […] Read More

Ask an Expert: Making Sense of Grain and Oilseed Stock-to-Use Ratios

Chief Agricultural Economist J.P. Gervais explains how stock-to-use ratios can help you predict future prices and create a solid marketing plan Video highlights: •Stock-to-use ratios show the balance between supply and demand for a given commodity •Higher stock-to-use ratios mean more supply is available while lower ratios suggest a tighter supply situation •Stock-to-use ratios have […] Read More