Devloo Canola Crusher and Green Seed Counter

Gerry Devloo’s Canola Crusher is a faster, easier way to create seed counts and sample for green seeds. Video Highlights •Canola tester makes it easier to sample for green seed •Conventional method involves several steps and manual processes •Works by dumping seed into small hopper and turning tape roll •Four turns produces 250 seed count […] Read more

Defender Pump Guards

Maverick Industries’ Defender Pump Guards are your first line of defense against vandalism and fuel theft. Video Highlights •Full steel cabinet, steel hinges, stainless handle •Encloses pump, meter, hose and nozzle in a lockable cabinet •Support legs stabilize and act as theft deterrent – cannot spin cabinet off stationary fuel tank •DC models have solar […] Read more

Photo: Scott Garvey

The evolution of the JCB Fastrac

During the official unveiling of the newest 8000 Series tractors at its World Headquarters in England, JCB treated visitors to a special parade of tractors that showed the evolution of its Fastrac tractor, beginning with an original model 145 and ending with the latest 8000 Series.

Liquidity, solvency and profitability in Canadian agriculture

Canadian agriculture remains in a good position to meet its financial obligations. FCC Chief Ag Economist J.P. Gervais explains why. Video Highlights •Liquidity high overall •Financial risk low and solvency high •Record net income resulted in stronger return on farm assets •Return on assets remains below 15 year average •Variables to monitor: income, asset values, […] Read more


New, bigger Fastracs from JCB

British-based JCB officially unveiled the new 8000 Series Fastrac tractors at its World Headquarters in England in early October. Grainews was there for the launch and field tested the new 335 horsepower model 8330.

Sowing seeds of success: How to discover your next business breakthrough

Customer relationships are like plants – both need attention and care to thrive. By “making gardening easier”, Christie Pollack has created a horticultural hub for her customers and successful business model with room to grow. Video Highlights •Analytics and customer profiles help Christie gauge and adapt to customer needs •Christie sells information – website, in-store […] Read more

Airguard Blockage Prevention System

Airguard’s Blockage Preventive System reduces airstream humidity, cools hydraulic oil and eliminates plugging, allowing for more efficient seeding. Video Highlights •Uses hydraulic oil to heat airstream 10 degrees •Allows for seeding in wet and dry conditions •Eliminates line plugging from low quality fertilizer and moisture •System easily mounts to fan intake •Can be mounted to […] Read more