Arlene Dickinson: Lessons from an entrepreneur

Arlene Dickinson shares advice and stories from her book “All In” and from Dragon’s Den to help fellow entrepreneurs follow their passion. • Difference between blind passion and passion with purpose • What entrepreneurship and stand-up comedy have in common • Using insecurity as a positive and motivating force • Saying no with confidence • […] Read more

2016 USDA Report: Your strategic planning tool

“The latest U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Report forecasts U.S. agricultural production and the prices of major crops and livestock over the next 10 years. •The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) releases an annual report which offers a 10 year snapshot for U.S. agricultural production and the prices of major crops and livestock •Because […] Read more

Corporately owned farmland: Consider your future

Incorporating your farm may seem like a good idea, but your future business decisions could be greatly impacted • It’s easy to move farmland into a corporation and it can offer immediate short term benefits • Once your farmland is incorporated, it’s difficult to reverse the decision and can hamper many future decisions • Succession, […] Read more

2015 FCC Farmland Values Report

Get valuable insight into provincial and national land values across Canada with this overview of the 2015 Farmland Values Report. • Each year, FCC releases its Farmland Values Report which highlights the changes in the price of farm property in Canada • As a whole, national farm property values have grown by 10.1% which follows […] Read more

Buy or rent farmland: Which option is right for you?

· Deciding whether to buy or rent farmland can be a difficult decision. Lance Stockbrugger explains the benefits of both in this video. · Interest rates affect land prices – the lower they are, the less overall cost for the land · Far too often, people make land purchasing decisions based on emotional reasons rather […] Read more

Ryan Walter: Finding success on and off the ice

NHL veteran, sportscaster and author Ryan Walter shares what he’s learned from a life of sport and how to apply it to achieving success in your life • When we blame others we give away our power • Growing resilience and developing habits important to achieving • Flow zone means being in the present • […] Read more