Corn, soybean crops decimated by weekend hail storm

Manitoba Co-operator reporter Allan Dawson takes a close look at two fields near Roseisle and Miami, Man., and witnesses the devastating results of a vicious storm that struck the area on the afternoon of June 27.

Roundup Ready Xtend crop system for soybeans, avoiding spray drift

Manitoba Co-operator reporter Allan Dawson spoke with DEKALB agronomist Bruce Murray June 23 about Monsanto’s new Roundup Ready Xtend soybeans. Monsanto’s technical development representative Allan Froese also demonstrated how different nozzles affect spray droplet size.


Management Moment: View Vacation as an Investment

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Eliminate gaps in your insurance coverage

Unknown gaps in your insurance coverage can cost you. Agri-Trend’s Reid Henderson explains how you can maximize your coverage. Video Highlights: Have workers’ compensation and liability insurance coverage for all your employees Insure older buildings for the cost of what it’d cost to rebuild today, not what it cost at time of construction Update your […] Read More

The Difference Branding Your Farm Can Make

Formulating a brand for your business goes well beyond a logo on your work clothes, see why two young farmers are taking their brand to the next level. Video highlights: •If you don’t create your brand, others may create it for you •Think of a brand as the personality or reputation of your business •Differentiating […] Read More

Importance of Trade with J.P. Gervais

Hear FCC Chief Agricultural Economist J.P. Gervais explain the role Canada plays in the global market and why Canada is among the most competitive traders in the world. Video highlights: Per capita, Canada’s agricultural trade value is the highest in the world Canada’s vast land, skilled workforce and technology helps make us a major exporter […] Read More

FCC Economic Spotlight: Key Trends Impacting Canadian Crop Prices

Hear grain and oilseed projections from FCC Senior Ag Economist Craig Klemmer before you make your marketing decisions this year Video highlights: •U.S. and Canadian grain and oilseed projections show significant differences •Canadian grain and oilseed industry remains strong •Keep an eye on the Canadian dollar because it will impact prices for inputs and commodities […] Read More