More corn and soybeans coming to the Prairies

In an interview with Manitoba Co-operator editor Laura Rance at Ag in Motion in Saskatoon, DuPont Pioneer vice-president Neal Gutterson discusses plans for breeding corn and soybean varieties that can be grown across Western Canada, as well as for hybrid wheat and use of biologicals for insect and disease control.

Best of FCC Edge: Little Changes That Can Make a Difference in Your Health

In this episode, hear tips for staying healthy on the farm and at home. With your health in mind, we compiled clips from past FCC Edge episodes. Podcast Highlights: •Four reasons why everyone should wear sunglasses on the farm •Overcoming “the sitting disease” •Why sleeping in may help you lose weight, lower blood pressure and […] Read More


Capturing farm data with a UAV

At the Ag in Motion farm show Grainews took a look at two UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) suited for on-farm data collection to see how they differ.

Big reward for winner of ‘Canola 100 Agri-Prize’

Canola growers with a competitive personality now have an extra incentive — a complete John Deere equipment package if they’re the first to grow 100 bushels per acre on 50 acres of canola. The ‘Canola 100 Agri-Prize’ was announced July 21 at Ag in Motion in Saskatoon. The first farmer to produce a verified average […] Read More

Backstage at the FCC Forum with Alexandre Bilodeau

The more meaningful your objective, the more stress you may feel. Olympic gold medallist Alexandre Bilodeau shares how he made stress work for him. Video highlights: •Bilodeau was the first Canadian athlete to win an Olympic gold medal on home turf •Stress happens when you give meaning to something you do •Don’t let mistakes along […] Read More

Herbicide resistance and “old soil-applied” solutions for weeds

To help keep herbicide-resistant weeds at bay, some older soil-applied products are rejoining the fight. At the 2015 Crop Diagnostic School, Jeanette Gaultier, pesticide use specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, talks about which herbicide-resistant weeds producers should watch for and what they need to consider before choosing a herbicide for their situation.