On display during Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, Bourgault’s 9500 Series floating-hitch chisel plows offer an updated design

Bourgault redesigns the 9400 chisel plow

New floating-hitch 9500 Series models can handle higher horsepower

We had the 9400 (chisel plow) for many years, and there’s been a resurgence in tillage and deep tillage,” says Rob Fagnou, marketing specialist at Bourgault. “So we went to the drawing board again and redesigned it from the ground up. ” The new 9500 Series models, which made their first public appearance at Canada’s […] Read more

The “third generation” Viking vertical tillage tool from Versatile will also be available under the company’s Farm King brand as the VT3000.

Familiar brands, new tillage implements

John Deere, Case IH and Versatile all showed new equipment at the U.S. Farm Progress Show

With a renewed interest in tillage all across the prairies and the need to deal with higher levels of corn residue in fields across the U.S. Midwest, it’s no surprise there were some new tillage tool introductions at the U.S. Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, in August. Here’s a look at what the familiar […] Read more

When paired with the Gigant carrier, Heliodor 9 models offer a maximum working width of about 52.5 feet.

Updated compact discs from Lemken

The Heliodor 9 debuts along with an addition to the Rubin 12 Series

Surrounded by a group of English-speaking farm writers, Lukas Voss, a product specialist at Germany-based equipment manufacturer Lemken, walks around one of that brand’s Heliodor 9 compact discs in a farm field in Hungary in late June. The field demos were part of an international press event, held to show off Lemken’s 2016 equipment line. […] Read more

The Heavy Equipment Jack from Eastwood Products is designed to improve safety when raising heavy equipment.

Jack allows for safe, heavy lifts

New heavy equipment jack design takes the risk out of raising heavy equipment

It’s common to find tractors and heavy machines inside farm shops and even dealership service bays jacked up and resting on a stack of wooden blocks while mechanics work underneath them. Sometimes that blocking doesn’t look very safe. Louis Sigouin and Dan Edwards of Eastwood Products in Arborfield, Manitoba, have developed their Heavy Equipment Jack […] Read more

Seed Hawk’s new metering system, the Fenix III, replaces the previous design that was introduced in 2014.

Seed Hawk replaces its metering system

The new Fenix III meter addresses performance issues in the previous design

Back in 2014 Saskatchewan-based Seed Hawk used the Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina to introduce an entirely new seed metering system for its air carts. Control of the then-new modular, meters beneath the cart tanks moved to a wireless system called iCon, away from the Raven controller the company had been using. That metering […] Read more

Salford introduced a prototype 20 ton air boom spreader during Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina in June.

New air-boom spreader from Salford

A customer request for an air boom leads Salford to develop an entirely new model

A prototype air-boom spreader on display at Salford’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show exhibit in Regina was the result of the brand deciding to accommodate a special request from a customer, says Dave King, the company’s director of sales and marketing. “Last year at this show we were showing a MagnaSpread big spreader and we also had […] Read more

We tested the trailer-towing ability of this Ford F150 , including the new Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature.

Testing Ford’s Trailer Backup Assist

Does adding an auto-back up feature on to the package add value to this farm truck?

Just about every producer is used to backing up towed machinery and trailers. It’s an everyday occurrence on the farm. But not everyone with a driver’s licence is capable of easily navigating a truck and trailer through the rear-view mirror. To help those directionally challenged drivers and anybody who would just like reversing a trailer […] Read more

After several months of restoration work, Big Roy is now back in as-new condition.

Big Roy debuts — again!

Grainews has been following the restoration of this tractor, and it’s finally finished

Back in January, Grainews was invited into Versatile’s Winnipeg tractor assembly plant to follow the restoration of the classic Big Roy, eight-wheel drive tractor, which has been a brand icon since the 1970s. The Grainews video team documented the work being done to the tractor by company employees throughout the restoration process. The goal of […] Read more

Flexxifinger's header attachment is designed to hold down soybean rows while winter wheat is harvested in the same field, without damaging the bean crop.

Attachment sorts intercropped plants for harvesting

New product from Flexxifinger allows for easier harvesting in intercropped fields

Proponents of intercropping (growing two or more crops in the same field simultaneously) claim that system allows for a significant reduction in the typical input costs associated with controlling pest and disease problems in a monoculture environment, and it can significantly boost field yields at the same time. But there are obvious hurdles to overcome […] Read more

Straw choppers must be matched to the header width of a combine. If a chopper can’t spread the full width of the header, residue distribution across the field will be uneven.

Three steps to even residue distribution

How to ensure you get the best performance from a combine straw chopper

It’s easy to forget about that straw chopper hanging off the back of a combine. So much discussion and effort these days seems to focus on getting material fed in at the front, that what happens to it when the combine coughs it out the rear often becomes little more than an afterthought. But the […] Read more