A special graphic was included on Golden Anniversary NH T7 tractors celebrating the Basildon England assembly plant’s 50th birthday.

Celebrating milestones

Ag machinery anniversaries and production milestones you may not have heard about

Machinery brands have been publicly celebrating a lot of anniversaries lately — and for good reason. They provide marketing staff with a great opportunity to emphasize past achievements and build on brand loyalty. We don’t always mention them in the pages of Grainews. But with our April 26 cover story detailing AGCO’s latest production milestone, […] Read more

Large implements, like air drills, place very high hydraulic demands on a tractor. Only an efficient hydraulic system is up to the job of handling them.

Understanding hydraulic systems

A look at the basics of open- and closed-centre systems

With so many large implements now demanding multiple oil flows from high-output hydraulic systems, every producer understands meeting those specifications will almost certainly require a tractor with a closed-centre hydraulic system. Less efficient, open-centre systems were once the industry standard. And there are still many new tractors on the market today that rely on them, […] Read more

Salford’s BBI dry product spreaders will now be available with a section control feature to minimize overlap.

Section control on BBI spreaders

Salford’s BBI dry spreaders can now work from prescription maps

At last year’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show, Salford Group announced it had acquired spreader manufacturer BBI and displayed one of the brand’s models at its exhibit for the first time. In February, Salford announced BBI dry product spreaders will now be available with a section control feature to minimize overlap. That, says the company, will […] Read more

New Holland introduced its updated line of T5 tractors in February.

New Holland re-engineers its T5 tractors

The New Holland brand started off by making a name for itself in haying equipment. Over the years as the brand has expanded its product line and global reach, that presence and reputation in the forage equipment market has remained its main marketing advantage. I’ve spoken to many of the brand’s executives several times over […] Read more

Elmer’s Manufacturing of Manitoba says its study shows converting grain carts to track systems can save 11 to 15 per cent in fuel consumption rates.

Can you save money with tracks?

Two manufacturers say their rubber-belt track systems can put money in growers' pockets

There’s no doubt the demand for rubber-belt track systems on ag equipment continues to grow. Many new implements hitting the market are now designed specifically for tracks and don’t even offer wheels as an option. But no matter how you slice it, track systems boost the cost of an implement purchase pretty significantly. So, are […] Read more


“Hesstonizing” hay

Classic ad from Hesston's early days

When AGCO unveiled the 100,000th swather to roll out of the factory doors in Hesston, Kansas, in March, it seemed like a good time to look back at an advertisement from the original Hesston brand’s early days. Today, the original Hesston and Massey Ferguson brands have been merged, but when swathers built in that same […] Read more

John Deere’s new small-frame G Series skid steer loaders offer new features and span the 51 to 65 horsepower range. 

New skid steers from John Deere

According to John Deere, its new, small-frame G Series skid steer loaders were “several years in the making and designed with customer feedback.” Introduced in early February, the one-tracked and four-wheeled models were built to appeal to customers in several different industry segments, including agriculture. The series includes three vertical lift and two radial lift […] Read more

GM will offer a retrofit camera package for 2014 to 2016 Silverado trucks to make trailer towing easier and safer.

GM offers retrofit trailering options

Rear view cameras and hitch packages available for 2014-2016 Silverado

Farm pickups usually see their fair share of road miles with a trailer in tow, especially those owned by mixed farmers who almost always have a livestock trailer. This year the major pickup truck brands seem to be vying for attention from those who pull trailers by offering increasingly better option packages. When Ford introduced […] Read more

Exhaust gases pass through a DOC before blending with DEF. They then pass through SCR catalysts and out the exhaust pipe.

An exhaust emissions system that’s out of sight, out of mind

A look inside the workings of a new, compact "single can" SCR system

When AGCO’s Massey Ferguson 5713SL won a Tractor of the Year award at Agritechnica last November, one of the features that impressed the judges and helped the tractor win was the new, compact SCR exhaust emissions system. The Donaldson Company, known to many farmers as a filter brand, is actually the manufacturer behind that particular […] Read more

New from Case IH is the True Tandem 335 Barracuda  vertical tillage tool for aggressive field finishing.

Case IH lands a tillage Barracuda

This new vertical tillage tool is an option for more aggressive field finishing

In early March Case IH introduced a new implement model it says fills a niche in the vertical tillage category. The True Tandem 335 Barracuda is designed for dealing with heavy crop residues, leaving fields a little blacker than some other vertical tillage machines. It is capable of cutting, evenly distributing and burying residue up […] Read more