Straw choppers must be matched to the header width of a combine. If a chopper can’t spread the full width of the header, residue distribution across the field will be uneven.

Three steps to even residue distribution

It’s easy to forget about that straw chopper hanging off the back of a combine. So much discussion and effort these days seems to focus on getting material fed in at the front, that what happens to it when the combine coughs it out the rear often becomes little more than an afterthought. But the […] Read more

The 428 horsepower Kirovets K744 will join the MTZ tractor line in Canada in June. Base price for this tractor is just U.S. $198,000.

The Russians are coming!

MTZ Equipment Ltd. reintroduces the Kirovets four-wheel drive tractor

A few decades ago the former Canadian distributor of Belarus tractors included high-horsepower, four-wheel drive tractors in its product line, and they wore the Belarus brand name. But these machines weren’t built in the same factory in Minsk, Belarus that produced the front-wheel assist models that distributor sold here at the time, because the Minsk […] Read more

Deere introduced the StarFire 6000 receiver in June, along with announcing the availability of the SF3 enhanced-correction signal.

New John Deere guidance receiver

John Deere has again updated its satellite guidance product line with the introduction of the StarFire 6000 receiver and new SF3 signal correction. In a June press announcement, the company claims these new product offerings will give customers “greater precision capabilities, accuracy and uptime.” “The StarFire 6000 Receiver offers a full range of differential correction […] Read more

The Loftness XLB10 saves labour when installing new bags.

New grain bag loader from Loftness

The new XLB10 is a new "fully-featured" machine, designed to make the job easier

Last May, Loftness Specialized Equipment introduced its new XLB10 “premium” grain bagger, which, the company claims, makes it easier on operators when it’s time to install bags. A remote-controlled jib crane and trolley system use electric motors to lift bags off the ground and slide them into place on the tunnel. A retractable bag loading apron […] Read more

John Deere adds a 76-foot model to its 1870 air drill lineup and a new 850 bushel cart.

John Deere debuts new air drill and air cart

A third, wider model joins the 1870 lineup, and a new cart puts more product behind it

This year John Deere unveiled a wider air drill and all-new air cart at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina. The new addition to John Deere’s 1870 line of air drill toolbars stretches the maximum available working width to 76 feet, joining the existing 40- and 56-foot versions. The 76 footer is a five-section design […] Read more

Before assuming a parasitic power drain was causing the battery to go dead, we checked the charging system with a multimeter. The multimeter reading of about 14.5 volts with the tractor engine running indicated the alternator was doing its job.

How to track down an electrical fault

We trace the source of a tractors' parasitic power drain with a multimeter

Automotive electrical systems in newer machines that make extensive use of computer processors can be very complex and confusing. But there are a lot of machines on the farm with electrical systems that won’t have anywhere near that level of complexity, especially those with diesel engines and no computer controls. Finding and fixing electrical faults […] Read more


Small sprayer with a big reach

Top Air pull-type UTV sprayer now available with 60-foot boom

Unverforth Manufacturing just announced the release of a 60-foot boom for its small Top Air sprayer, which is designed to be pulled behind a UTV. The boom can be set to operating heights of between 12 and 30 inches without the use of any tools. The outer sections use a breakaway design to help prevent […] Read more

This photo taken at Massey-Ferguson’s combine test facility in the early 1960s shows the bump track used to test long-term durability.

Shaking things up

Here's how manufacturers test the durability of vehicles and machines

The expectation of quality among buyers of farm machinery has risen substantially in past decades. As a result, all manufacturers have felt the heat to live up to customer demand and implemented a host of new quality control programs both on and off assembly lines, including at the design phase. That goes for vehicle manufacturers […] Read more

Russell Wildfong’s on-farm manufacturing venture produces concaves and other combine parts he says can improve threshing performance.

Turning combines into hot rods

Saskatchewan farmer builds redesigned combine parts with an eye on performance

In the past few years most major equipment brands seem to have recognized the need to offer combines better suited to small grains harvesting, which makes them a bit different than the bulk of machines they build that are tailored to corn and beans growers. Even though new models have hit the market that better […] Read more

Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Ranc

Grainews UTV Challenge

We’re putting 10 UTVs to the test during the Ag in Motion farm show next month

The number of side-by-side UTV models on the market has grown pretty significantly in the last couple of years. And no wonder. These machines can be pretty handy around the farm. But has the wide variety of choices left you wondering what each model is capable of, how they compare and which one best fills […] Read more