Running a 24-hour seeding operation

Once the drill is parked, Terry Aberhart takes time to look back at his seeding schedule

With the crop in the ground by late May and rainshowers moving in, Terry Aberhart says the post-seeding season will be a good time to think about how they will be approaching plans for the 2017 crop year on their east-central Saskatchewan farm. Aberhart, who along with family members operates Aberhart Farms at Langenburg, near […] Read more

Canada Bread has been complaining that since the CWB was dismantled, sourcing consistent quality of wheat has been difficult.

Canadian Wheat Board is missed

Changes to Canadian grading and specification systems causing concerns

Oh, boy… the Canadian Wheat Board may be coming back! Not likely, I am just being an alarmist, but it was interesting to read in our sister pub — the Western Seducer — where some bread manufacturers are mourning the loss of some features the CWB offered. I haven’t heard too many complaints about the […] Read more

With the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board buying 40 per cent of Viterra, Lee Hart is hoping his share of the federal pension funds will turn a large profit.

CPP needs your grain

It's good news: Viterra returns to the Canadian fold

Well I am really hoping Canadian farmers get serious about being efficient and profitable and market all those No. 1 crops through the greatest grain handling company in Canada — Viterra. Hey farmers, no more dinking around with lacklustre yields and all that needless shopping around to the “other” grain buyers. Now that my Canada […] Read more

Rod Lanier (l) will be growing hemp again on his farm near Lethbridge. Jeff and Ebony Prosko (r), who farm in Rose Valley, are contracting a helicopter service for fungicide applications this year.

Farmers just waiting on weather

The farmers surveyed for this Farmer Panel are ready to hit the field for spring seeding

Farmers in Manitoba were waiting for the snow to stop, a producer in central Saskatchewan was probably a month away from getting to fieldwork and in southern Alberta a producer was planning to start seeding durum in a few days (and some of his colleagues already had seed in the ground). That’s just how variable […] Read more

It is hard to determine if there is a good or bad guy in this whole story. The end of the ketchup wars will come down to the taste test.

Ketchup is not just a condiment

Lee Hart’s saucy commentary on Canada’s recent ketchup brand wars

I do want to tell you about the immeasurable grief and misery our tiny band of adventurers endured last month in setting up the upper camp before our final assault on Everest, but to more important things first — what are your thoughts on the recent ketchup war in Canada? Are you in the French’s or […] Read more

red spring wheat

New class coming for 29 wheats

More than two dozen older Hard Red Spring wheat varieties are being reclassified

Western Canadian farmers won’t have to make any major new decisions on wheat varieties this year, but come the spring of 2018 they will have to pay attention to whether some of their tried and true varieties have been moved to a different class. Creating a new classification for some long standing wheat varieties that […] Read more

Varieties designated for 2018 wheat class

It might take a bit of thought to keep all the old and new classes straight, but here are the wheat varieties scheduled to be moved into a new Canada Northern Hard Red (CNHR) class effective August 1, 2018. There are 29 long-standing Canadian wheat varieties on the list and of those, 25 were originally registered […] Read more

Wheat class changes for 2016

While it is the hard red spring (CWRS) varieties that capture most of the attention as the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) introduces some new wheat classifications effective in 2018, there are some changes taking place for the 2016 growing season. Starting this year, effective August 1, 2016, the CGC is changing the name (and moving […] Read more

This 1932 photo of the Grainews ladies softball team, can suggest everything in life can go from one extreme to another. The real challenge is to find a balance.

Fuel your tank — one way or another

Will medical marijuana be enough to ease Lee Hart's modern day stress

One mission I am on this week is to get a prescription for medical marijuana so I can better cope with this struggling economy, or maybe I am worried about the terrorist threat that comes with allowing immigrants into Canada, or, man, have you seen the price of celery lately? … I don’t even want […] Read more