Who am I as father, founder and farmer?

You need to be intentional about being rich in relationships

As an outsider looking in to the many farm families that I am honoured to share time with, it always saddens me to see folks who cannot seem to grasp happiness beyond what they do as farmers, especially when it is time to let go of control of decision-making and let the next generation be […] Read More

Farmer sitting in tractor wheel with wheat in hands

Depression, and dealing with changing roles on the farm

May your new work 
excite your heart, Kindle in your mind 
a creativity To journey beyond 
the old limits Of all that has become wearisome. May this work challenge 
you toward New frontiers that will emerge As you begin to approach them, Calling forth from 
you the full force And depth of your 
undiscovered gifts. […] Read More

humurous inspirational sign

Get ready for the garden pests

Here’s some tips and spray recipes to help you fight back

Is this true or false? If you grow spuds and have pairs of barn swallows visiting or nesting in your yard, they can eat a thousand potato beetles in a few hours. I, Ted, am curious whether any Grainews reader has had such an experience. Feedback, (if any) is welcome in this connection. Anyone who […] Read More

Greek salad and meatballs

Making a pilgrimage in Greece

Prairie Palate: Wheat was more than a food here but a symbol of life itself

For more than 2,000 years ancient Greeks made a pilgrimage to the temple of Demeter, the goddess of farming. A few weeks ago, I did, too. Today, the temple is in ruins, but it is possible to walk the stone streets, run your hand over ancient walls and contemplate the importance of farming in Greek […] Read More

Rhubarb Pudding

It grows like a weed, but rhubarb makes for a great-tasting pudding

Prairie Palate: After a long winter we're always eager to see signs of spring

You may call them weeds, but to the pioneers, dandelions were dinner. After a long winter of root vegetables — progressively shrivelling and even running out — dandelions and other “weeds” were the first greens of spring. Mother Nature’s salad bar. Tender young dandelion leaves were collected by the pailful, as were lamb’s quarters, sorrel […] Read More

Working towards a bully-free farm culture

Author offers insight if your the target of bullying and what you can do about it

She came up to me quietly after my presentation, looking tired and sad. “Elaine I haven’t been off the farm in months, and I don’t know who is going to help us with seeding. I am 70 and I cannot take this anymore. My husband is very verbally abusive and won’t get help for his […] Read More

Family with three children (3-9) walking on muddy road, cows in background, rear view

Top ‘phrases’ for coaching farm families

The Elaine Froese (phrase) that pays

One snowy day at a beautiful ranch home in southern Alberta around the expansive kitchen table, the farm team said, “Elaine you should make a list of your top phrases that you use in coaching.” “OK,” I said, knowing that many of the best projects are started by attentive practical ranchers and farmers who call […] Read More

young farmer

Working with returning kids

Learn how to relate to the next generation when they come home to farm

In a high-energy keynote presentation at this year’s FarmTech conference in Edmonton Jason Dorsey, a U.S.-based expert on generational differences and the chief strategy officer of the Center for Generational Kinetics, briefed a packed conference hall on the sources of strife between parents and children in family businesses. His audience was ready to hear his […] Read More

man and woman with pig

Raising livestock – naturally, and in a free-range setting

Couple wants their animals to be in environment that best suits their needs

Ranching is in Jeff Bovee’s blood. His great-grandfather was legendary large-scale rancher John Minor from the Abbey, Sask. area. And while Bovee is following in the footsteps of his ancestors, he’s seeking to do it in a radically different fashion. Jeff’s wife Sabrina is a registered dietitian so they are raising their livestock on a small scale […] Read More

Coping with stress

Whether it’s from calving season or exam time — here’s some tips

If there is one word that can strike terror into the hearts of people it is exams. Like any other stressful event in life, if a person takes some time for preparation they really aren’t all that bad. It is a matter of being able to meet the physical, mental and emotional challenge of the […] Read More