young farmer

Working with returning kids

Learn how to relate to the next generation when they come home to farm

In a high-energy keynote presentation at this year’s FarmTech conference in Edmonton Jason Dorsey, a U.S.-based expert on generational differences and the chief strategy officer of the Center for Generational Kinetics, briefed a packed conference hall on the sources of strife between parents and children in family businesses. His audience was ready to hear his […] Read More

man and woman with pig

Raising livestock – naturally, and in a free-range setting

Couple wants their animals to be in environment that best suits their needs

Ranching is in Jeff Bovee’s blood. His great-grandfather was legendary large-scale rancher John Minor from the Abbey, Sask. area. And while Bovee is following in the footsteps of his ancestors, he’s seeking to do it in a radically different fashion. Jeff’s wife Sabrina is a registered dietitian so they are raising their livestock on a small scale […] Read More

Coping with stress

Whether it’s from calving season or exam time — here’s some tips

If there is one word that can strike terror into the hearts of people it is exams. Like any other stressful event in life, if a person takes some time for preparation they really aren’t all that bad. It is a matter of being able to meet the physical, mental and emotional challenge of the […] Read More

liquor bottles

Alcohol abuse on the farm

What needs to change in the addiction department on your farm in 2015?

How does one start to convey the sadness sown by a life of addiction? For transparency, let’s get a few things on the table before going too far. I grew up in a farm family where my parents worked very hard, long hours, and some would say were “workaholics.” My sister died at age 23 […] Read More

book entitled, Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens

Saskatchewan kitchens of the past

A review of Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens by Amy Jo Ehman

One year for Christmas, my grandma tucked under the tree one of my most memorable presents. Wrapped in a clear plastic bag — topped with a festive ribbon — was a pile of books. Well into her 80s and living with us, she gifted me with her cookbook collection. After all, she said, I had […] Read More

Mentors are in our lives for a time and a season; at some stage such a relationship should become one in which each person "co-mentors" the other.

Being a compassionate farm mentor

Things on our farm are changing again — an employee moving on. In Stephen Poulter’s book The Father Factor, he talks about the fathering style of a “compassionate mentor.” This is a great style for farm founders to embrace over the winter months as they train the next generation for success. Smart farm dads and […] Read More

Who gets to make the ultimate decision on this farm?

Here’s some helpful overview questions to aid the decision-making process

One of speaker Norm Rubin’s universal laws of life goes like this: “Make everyone a stakeholder. Involve everyone on your team in your farm; ask for their input and opinions. Recognize that all those involved in your business will build your business. When you make everyone in your network a stakeholder, whether they have a financial […] Read More

woman holding a tomato

All about tomatoes

Plus, Movember moustache month, and a carrot cough remedy

Don’t know whether Theresa Tanguay from Austin, Manitoba impressed the neighbours, but she sure impressed the Singing Gardener. Even her husband Armand Tanguay commented, “one slice of that tomato fills a sandwich and easily covers a slice of bread.” Armand’s the sheep farmer in the family and during 47 years of happy marriage he still […] Read More

Lessons from the quiet chair

The ritual of spending time here every morning continues to help me

I hear the geese flying overhead on their way back to the wildlife sanctuary, just four miles west of our yard. I see birds perched on a stray self-planted sunflower near the bird feeder. I ponder the words on my lap in my journal as I sit in silence in my morning ritual of the […] Read More