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Saskatchewan legislature

Saskatchewan adds new secretary for farm irrigation

A rookie MLA in the Saskatchewan Party caucus has been promoted to a legislative secretary post with responsibility for expansion of the province’s farm irrigation systems. Premier Brad Wall on Tuesday named Warren Kaeding, the MLA for Melville-Saltcoats since April, as legislative secretary to the minister of agriculture, for irrigation expansion. Kaeding was previously a […] Read more

Five risk situations for stored canola

Canola growers in Western Canada often have to deal with rising temperatures in canola bins. The reasons for heating can vary, and most situations can be avoided by regularly checking bins. To further reduce the risk of spoilage, keep in mind these tips provided by Greg Sekulic, agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada.


StatsCan’s canola estimates taken with grain of salt

CNS Canada — Statistics Canada’s latest crop production estimates are in and while they may raise a few eyebrows, the numbers aren’t likely to cause havoc in the markets, according to most trade analysts. StatsCan on Tuesday pegged canola production in 2016-17 at 17 million tonnes. That compares to pre-report ideas of 15.9 to 20[...]
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Canola in the swath near Mervin in northwest Sask. Estimates for average canola yield in the northwest sit at 39 bushels per area, according to the August 15th Sask. Ag Crop Report.

Saskatchewan farmers prepare to reap a monster crop

Yield estimates are above the 10-year average for all crops

As farmers in north-western Saskatchewan gear up for harvest, it looks like they may have a monster crop on their hands. The latest Saskatchewan Agriculture crop report notes that estimated yields are above the 10-year average across all crops, and the northwest is no exception. “Early pea yields are exceptional,” said Ian Weber, sales manager[…]
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